Dehua Kiln-德化窑


 DeHua kiln-KimKiln handpainted porcelain

Dehua Kiln, a well-known porcelain kiln, is one of the significant origins of old export porcelain in coastal Fujian.

A work of art in the firing of Chinese ceramics is Dehua porcelain. It started in the Song Dynasty and flourished greatly after the Ming. It is well-known for its Buddha statues made of white porcelain. The intricate craftsmanship, fine carvings, and vibrant shapes of it showcase the exceptional abilities and artistic ingenuity of the old working people.

 DeHua kiln-KimKiln handpainted porcelain

One of the significant porcelain kinds exported from China in previous dynasties is Dehua white porcelain. They are well-known abroad and have earned the moniker "Oriental Art."


Since the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the great ceramic culture has been disseminated around the world by the Dehua Kiln, which has always been market-oriented and used porcelain as a medium. In his journey journals, Marco Polo, an Italian traveler during the Yuan Dynasty, wrote: "I know that there is a distinct city near Citong City, named Diyunzhou (transliterated as Dehua Daiyun), creating bowls and porcelain, there are many and magnificent.

 DeHua kiln-KimKiln handpainted porcelain

" In Southeast Asia, the exquisite and practical Dehua porcelain has changed the local customs of "using sunflower leaves as bowls, not using daggers and tendons, and eating them"; in Europe, Dehua porcelain triggered a local kitchen revolution , the beer mugs, bowls, etc. produced have splendidly replaced the original gold and silver kitchen utensils, and even triggered a local upsurge of imitating Dehua porcelain; in Africa, the ruins of the Great Mosque and the Sultan Cemetery on Kilwa Island have been unearthed from Dehua.

 DeHua kiln-KimKiln handpainted porcelain

To decorate temple structures or tomb pillars, some kiln porcelain is also inlaid. Dehua white porcelain, which is white, delicate, and graceful, is referred to as "Chinese white" and is seen to be a representation of Chinese white porcelain (Blancdechina).

-KimKiln Handpainted Porcelain

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