How to develop a "spiritual" Tea Pet?


For those who love tea, there will be a few small elephants, turtles, toads, wild animals, piglets, and other auspicious objects on the tea table more or less. These are tea pets.

 "僧人" TeaPets

What is a tea pet? As the name suggests, it is something nourished with tea.

People who like to drink tea will take good care of their tea pets. When drinking tea, smear or drip with tea soup, keep drinking tea for a long time, and raise tea pets, it will become warm and pleasant, and the tea fragrance will overflow. If a lifelike tea pet is cared for carelessly, it will only be a dull piece of ceramic.

Not only that, some tea pets have an extremely high collection value, especially handmade tea pets have a lot of room for promotion after collection. Some tea pets will change color, and some will produce interesting phenomena of bubbling and spraying after being poured with hot water. So, how does a "spiritual" tea pet develop?

 Rabbit TeaPet

How to keep tea pets

  1. Newly raised tea pets can be raised in two ways: artificial "fermentation" and natural "fermentation": artificial fermentation means throwing the new pets in the tea bucket, simmering them for 2-4 days according to your preference, and then taking them out, Naturally, a rapid draft can be achieved. Natural fermentation can only take time to slowly form the effect;
  2. In the process of raising, just use tea water to rinse, do not use white water. Only in this way will it feel warm and smooth to the touch;
  3. In daily maintenance, it needs to be cleaned with a brush every day and rubbed with a tea cloth regularly to keep it shiny to a certain extent. When pets spit bubbles, it is easy to see when you open your eyes;
  4. Generally choose a moderate shape, not too big, because it is also necessary to consider that most of its body can store water;
  5. It doesn’t matter if the pet has flowers. If it is dark in color, you can soak it in boiled Pu’er tea or black tea and dry it. Repeat several times to relieve or solve it; if it is light in color, try green tea or scented tea;
  6. Tea pets are not only suitable for Pu-erh tea, mainly because of the tea quality of Pu-erh tea, which is easy to produce results;
  7. Keeping tea pets requires hands-on work (I mean not just soaking and not playing, the concept of playing is first, you need to wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth; second, rub it in your hands; third, pour it with hot tea).

 GuanYin TeaPet

Taboos of keep tea pets

  1. Many people keep the same tea pets. They usually pour leftover tea, but they can’t always use leftover tea to brew. It’s better to “shower” with hot tea water and rub it with a tea cloth regularly. After long-term moisturizing and care, its color will be released slowly, and the surface will present a subtle and soft matte color, which is "patina", which is regarded as a symbol of the cultivation of purple sand tea pets;
  2. Do not soak. You can’t always use leftover tea to make tea pets. It’s better to drink tea while brushing gently with a pen. Although raising teapets is quick, the effect is not good. People with a discerning eye can easily distinguish it, and tea pets also need to breathe;
  3. Do not change tea. If conditions permit, it is best to use one type of tea to raise tea pets, so that the tea pets will not be impure in color due to contact with teas of different textures.


The meaning of tea pet

1、Cattle TeaPet

It means that great wisdom is like foolishness, kindness and gentleness, and no competition in the world.

 cattle teapet

2、“Content TeaPet

Round, round, extremely cute little feet of purple sand, there is a spider on the foot. It is a Chinese homonym for "spider" and "foot", which means contentment and happiness.

 Content TeaPet

3、Three-legged golden toad TeaPet

In myths and legends, there is a three-legged toad in the Moon Palace, and later generations also call the Moon Palace the Toad Palace. It means prosperity, prosperity and happiness.

 Three-legged golden toad TeaPet

4、Gourd TeaPet

It means "Fu Lu", many sons and many blessings.

 Gourd TeaPet

5、Turtle TeaPet

One of the biggest characteristics of the tortoise is "longevity". Taking the tortoise as a tea pet has the good wish of longevity. Moreover, "turtle" and "return" are homonyms in Chinese, implying reunion and happiness at home. At the same time, the tortoise also has the meaning of wealth, fortune, and wealth.

 Turtle TeaPet

6、Brave Troops TeaPet

“PiXiu” only eats gold, silver and jewelry, and Pixiu has a mouth but no anus, so wealth can only come in and out. Therefore, Pixiu has the function of attracting wealth and wealth.

Generally speaking, the male beast represents wealth, and the female represents the treasury. Moreover, Pixiu is mighty and ferocious, and has a strong heart to protect the master. It can be used to ward off evil spirits and protect the home. I am stored by a pair.

 Brave Troops TeaPet

Each kind of tea pet has its unique meaning, some imply wealth and treasure, some represent auspiciousness and well-being, some have cultural charm, some are childish, cute and funny... The meaning of tea pet also represents Follow the mind of tea people.

The tea pet represents the belief of the tea drinker. When the tea pet is poured and the tea slides by, the tea drinker is thinking, thinking, and figuring it out. After a long period of time, the tea pet that has been polished to a warm, smooth, lustrous color is also a trace of the tea man's thoughts.

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