How to maintain the vintage teacup?


Vintage teacups are a relatively common type in our lives. There are many varieties of them, which can be divided into two types according to their materials: porcelain tea sets and pottery tea sets. These tea sets are often used to make tea, and this kind of tea set also has many advantages for making tea. So, how to maintain the vintage teacups? vintage teacup also needs to be well maintained, and good maintenance is good for a vintage teacup.


How to maintain the vintage teacup

First of all, a good tea set needs to be used frequently, and the longer the time, the better the quality of the tea set. To maintain tea sets, you first need to develop good habits. After drinking the tea, pour out the tea leaves and wash the tea sets with clean water. If you keep it for a long time, the self-purification ability of the ceramic itself will keep it as bright as before.

When cleaning, apply a little toothpaste evenly on the surface of the tea set, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water, and you can see that the surface of the tea set is as bright as new. For friends who love tea and cleanliness, it is simply good news. There is another method that can effectively remove the dirt in the teapot. Heat it with rice vinegar or soak it in baking soda water for 24 hours, then shake it gently, and the dirt will fall off automatically!

At the same time, after cleaning, wiping the teapot is also a key procedure. Pay attention to wiping the teapot with a cloth with soft hair and easy-to-absorb water. The rough cloth will leave scratches on the teapot, just like human skin. , requires careful maintenance. In terms of daily maintenance, you can also prepare a few more commonly used teapots and take turns using them to give other teapots time to rest and self-recover, so that you can brew mellow and delicious tea.


Tips for purchasing vintage ceramic teacups

When buying porcelain tea sets, you should mainly check the porcelain itself: whether the shape of the utensil is correct and whether there is any deformation; If it is blue and white or painted, it depends on whether the color is neither bright nor dark, neither shallow nor deep, and shiny (light means overheated, dark means insufficient heat; bright means the color is too thick, and dark means the color is too thin). Finally, it is necessary to lift and tap lightly, and even the best porcelain will be greatly reduced if there are cracks.

High-quality vintage tea set:

When buying vintage teacups, you should also pay attention to the environmental protection and quality of vintage teacups. Good vintage teacups are beneficial to human health, while inferior vintage teacups are harmful to human health. When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

1. When purchasing vintage teacups, you must choose a regular market, and you must not be greedy for cheap products that do not have official manufacturers. The state stipulates that when the vintage teacup is soaked in 4% acetic acid, the amount of lead dissolved should not exceed 7 mg/liter, and the amount of cadmium dissolved should not exceed 0.5 mg/liter. The products of regular manufacturers can meet this requirement.

2. Pay attention to the fineness of the tea set when purchasing, and touch the surface of the tea set with your hands to see if the inner wall is smooth.

3. Sniff with your nose to see if there is any peculiar smell.

4. Boil the tea set with boiling water for 5 minutes before use, or soak it in vinegar for 2-3 minutes to dissolve the toxic substances contained in the tea set.

The vintage teacup should be cleaned and placed after each use to make tea so that the service life of the vintage teacup will be long. Moreover, if the tea set is not cleaned for a long time, it will easily leave tea stains. It is not good for your health to use it to make tea at this time. Therefore, the daily use of vintage ceramic tea sets also requires maintenance.

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