‘Stove-Boiled Tea’ —Young people's new favorite


In cold weather, three or five friends, cooking tea around the stove, this is probably the people who love tea every winter heart yearning thing!


boiling tea around the stove

"On a cold night when guests come to tea as wine, bamboo stove soup boiling red." This is the Song Dynasty poet Du Lei describing a cold night, the host lit the stove to boil tea, tea as wine to serve the line. A cup of hot tea is the best consolation in cold weather. There was a dark fire on the small stove that could not be extinguished. The water in the kettle was boiling slowly, and a fine mist emerged. The guests sit around, each hand a cup of fragrant hot tea, while drinking tea while talking, what a wonderful thing!


boiling tea around the stove2

Have you ever heard of "boiling tea around the stove"?

A pot of tea is placed in the middle, and chestnuts, persimmons, and grains are placed on the periphery of the teapot. From utensils to food, fixed match down, with temperament and warmth.

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Everything can be Boiled

"Boiling tea around the stove" is not a new thing. It is a tea culture that has been passed down by ethnic minorities in Yunnan for many years. It is called "fire-roasted tea" in the local area, and "cooking tea around the stove" is the name given by teahouse owners for easy publicity.

The firepit is like a symbol of reunion. After nightfall, people who have been busy for a day return home and sit cross-legged by the firepit to roast tea. They turn and roast the earthen pots containing the tea leaves on the charcoal fire until the tea leaves emit a burnt aroma, and then pour hot water into the earthen pots. With a sound of "squeak", the fragrance of tea overflowed the room, and the water vapor blended with the sound of laughter.


Children don't like to drink tea, but they also like to go to the fire pit and eat snacks. The refreshments of Huotang roasted tea are also roasted, such as roasted Jianshui tofu, roasted bait cubes, and so on.

After combining with trend culture, refreshments gradually develop in the direction of rich colors, sweet taste, and combination of Chinese and Western, such as roasted persimmons, roasted oranges, roasted rice cakes, roasted marshmallows, roasted pears, roasted green dumplings, etc., and there are even unique ones. The teahouse has launched roasted longan. If you feel that the grilled food is hot, you can order a few fruits separately, and the clerk will still help you arrange the plate in a good-looking (easy to take pictures) appearance.

"Tea" has also taken on a new form. Boiled milk tea, coffee, ginger tea and even fruit wine have appeared on the menu one after another, satisfying the needs of young people to experience traditional culture and meet modern tastes.

In order to take care of the socially-phobic crowd, some teahouses will use small tables for 4-6 people instead of the traditional circular large tables, and equip each small table with two small charcoal stoves, one for making tea and one for baking snacks, allowing customers to do it themselves.


Stove-Boiled Tea2

The dazzling food makes your mouth water just looking at it.
Little Red Book Blogger @赵莉子@ Slow Cooking Future

As an important factor in creating an atmosphere and attracting customers, the scene of making tea around the stove is even more imaginative.

Open-air teahouses are the most common. A few groups of bamboo tables and chairs are placed in the courtyard, and white paper lanterns and calligraphy calligraphy and paintings are hung around, and the "cozy" appearance is outlined.

Some teahouses are decorated as semi-open thatched cottages, surrounded by big trees and covered with pebbles on the ground, giving customers the illusion of being in a paradise.

There are avant-garde teahouses, which move tea utensils into bars and abandoned factories—customers can enjoy tea while enjoying the performance of the resident band under the dim light, or sit in a closed place that seems to be echoing with the sound of mechanical operation. Drinking tea on the Maza stool, a movie is being projected on the wall in front of you.

Retro teapots in a variety of designs are available from Kimkiln, letting you enjoy "stove-boiled tea"

The tea you make is not just a cup of tea

While drinking tea by the fire, no one can resist not taking pictures.
"Beautiful Photo" is the decisive factor of Internet celebrity culture, and the process of making tea around the stove is full of "killer cards".

The first is the utensils. Fragile desserts such as sweet-scented osmanthus cakes and egg yolk cakes should be placed on underglaze colored ceramic plates. Only one plate can be placed on each plate to make them look delicate. Come; persimmons, cherry tomatoes and other bright red fruits like sunset, should be additionally packed in pure white porcelain plates.

The second is the poetry of the name. Rows of bamboo tubes are written with words such as "Deer Mountain", "Oriental Beauty" and "Concubine's Smile", so that regular customers know that this is a menu, and first-timers only imagine a piece of Lingnan landscape.

Of the photos shared by netizens, five out of ten are of the teahouse environment. Wooden doors, tiled roofs, small hexagonal windows, or futons on the ground seem to be worthy of a close-up. Some teahouses will provide photo props, such as oiled paper umbrellas, round paper fans, cursive calligraphy and painting, and even big sunflower fans.

Why do these antique-style utensils attract young people? Some netizens use the word "wabi-sabi" to explain, that is, the beauty of old objects that are mottled or faded and dull, exuding a sense of time. This kind of beauty is rare in modern society, because the outer wall of reinforced concrete is difficult to be corroded. Even if they know that the scratches on the wooden beams of the teahouse are man-made, and the yellowed kraft paper sheets are deliberately worn out, young people will still record these on their mobile phones.

Retro teapots in a variety of designs are available from Kimkiln, letting you enjoy "stove-boiled tea"

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