What kind of tea is suitable for your vintage teacup? Are you using it correctly?


vintage teacup with the suitable tea

vintage teacup with the suitable tea2

1. Porcelain

-Porcelain has a delicate body, smooth and compact porcelain surface, which is not easy to absorb water and taste, and can fully display the flavor of tea soup.

-The characteristics of the porcelain teacup make it more suitable for drinking clear tea.

vintage teacup with the suitable tea3

2. Pottery

-Low density, slow heat transfer, good heat preservation effect. air in pottery

After the tea soup with holes shuttles reacts with the mineral elements in the clay, the tea soup will be more mellow.

-This type of tea cup is suitable for drinking tea with strong flavor.

vintage teacup with the suitable tea4

3. Purple clay

-The purple sand teacup is different from ordinary teacups in that it is not covered with glaze inside and outside. Due to the combination of Zisha material and double-pore structure, Zisha tea cups have strong water absorption and good air permeability.

-Suitable for drinking strong flavored tea.

vintage teacup with the suitable tea5

4. Glass

-Glass tea cups are excellent for viewing. Through the glass, you can see the color of tea soup and the shape of the tea leaves. At the same time, glass utensils are fragile, heat transfer is fast, and the heat-retaining tea aroma is easy to disperse.

-Suitable for drinking green tea, herbal tea, etc.

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